Month: October 2021

Danie Mellor ‘A History of Images’

21 October – 20 November 2021 Click to view the online exhibition. Danie Mellor‘s new suite of paintings A History of Images provide an intimate glimpse into a pictorial past, a collection of experiences that lie in archival memory beyond our tangible reach. ‘A History of Images’ marks the first time I’m actively trying to […]

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Rosemary Laing ‘poems for recent times’

Tolarno Galleries is pleased to release the first works from Rosemary Laing‘s new series poems for recent times 2021 as an online exhibition. Rosemary Laing originally trained as a painter before moving to the medium of photography in the late 1980s. Her project-based photographic work is often cinematic in vision and generally created with real-time performance and […]

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