Month: November 2021


seeing time27 November – 18 December 2021Opening hours: 1pm-4pm Sat, 10am-5pm Tue-Fri Or visit the online exhibition. seeing time is Brook Andrew‘s new body of work reflecting on and abstracting the concept of time and mark-making. That is, how one perceives and hopes to either manipulate, push against or fall into time. These paintings were created during […]

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Caroline Rothwell ‘Horizon’

26 June – 28 November 2021 Hazelhurst Arts Centre, NSW Sydney-based artist Caroline Rothwell explores the intersection of art and science. Through sculpture, collaged historical prints and digital animations, Rothwell invites viewers to consider our relationship with the natural environment. Commissioned for Hazelhurst Arts Centre, Horizon looks out from an immediate frame of reference to the […]

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Christopher Langton ‘Colonies’

Hazelhurst Arts Centre, NSW 26 June – 28 November 2021 Christopher Langton is known for his sculptures and large inflatables that explore themes around pop culture, video gaming and science fiction. Colonies was commissioned for Hazelhurst, and follows Langton’s 2019 Colony exhibition at Tolarno Galleries. The immersive installation explores ideas of space colonisation while considering issues around our […]

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