Hannah Gartside at Bayside Gallery

Congratulations to Hannah Gartside, one of five finalists in the Ellen José Art Award, on view at Bayside Gallery, Brighton, Victoria 2 July to 28 August 2022

Gartside has created an installation of four sculptural works collectively called Gorgeous. Made with deadstock fabrics, vintage scraps and factory offcuts, Gartside says,

“I want to share the pleasure and delight that I feel in making art and in art being a form of communication and connection.

I think of my art practice as a lover, one that is consistent, generous, surprising and true. So in part this is a show of gratitude for this relationship.

These works consider the physical gallery space as an abstracted version of a lover’s body. The gate marks an opening, it contains a threshold and an invitation; to walk through is an active ‘yes’.

The sculpture Wall kisser is hand-cranked by the viewer. On turning the handle the wall receives the repetitive, kiss-thud, kiss-thud of the velvet hearts, padded with lavender from my garden.

The lamp light here is a way-finder, illuminating a rendezvous. The name for this imaginary place is ‘Gorgeous’. It’s spelt out in fabric, thread and paint, the font enlarged from a 1970s coat label.”

Installation image by Mark Ashkanasy, courtesy Bayside Gallery.